Jeff Fineberg

Various Music Projects and Ensembles

{updated 1/8/2016}



The various projects I have been involved with over the years are mostly of an ‘original music’ genre, both improvised and composed.  My instrumentation began with organ and progressed to analogue synthesizers and piano.  The latest instrumentation contains the addition of a number of (computer generated) virtual synthesizers.



Books Published (in addition, stay tuned for a new release in 2016!)


Book “Polymetric Puzzles – Exercises and Short Pieces for Piano and Keyboard” – released July 2014 – information available at





Current Projects


Corporate Mind - Jeff Fineberg       



Jeff Fineberg - Solo (soundcloud)       



Synthetic Factor - Jeff Fineberg / John Fatta / Jim McDonnell      



Admin Zero - Jeff Fineberg / Gary Bock      



Past Projects


Crystal Radio – (2007-2009)

Jeff Fineberg – synthesizers / computers

John Fatta – drums

Shaun Stevenson – guitar – works available


"Sunrise Comet" - solo work - Jeff Fineberg

"Decategorized Sound" - Album by Crystal Radio





RADO – Radically Assimilated Discrete Operations (1997-2000)


Fritz Van Leaven - bass

Shaun Stevenson - guitar

Jeff Fineberg – synthesizers / computers

Jeff Eder - lyrics



                        Fritz contemplation

                        Shaun, Fritz and Jeff Eder contemplation

                        Keyboard contemplation


Julius Scissor  (1994-1995)

Fritz Van Leaven

Shaun Stevenson

Scott Wagar

Jeff Fineberg



John Peace – (4.8 MB)     



Photo from 'Alternate Union' Album

Additional photo opportunities     


Lyrics for John Peace – by Shaun


Take 22 (1985)


Jeff Fineberg – keyboards

Dave Ruhland – vocals

Mark Reist – guitar

Tom Henry – bass

John Fatta - drums



                        Collage band images at UB – (1 MB)                  



                        I. O. U. (recorded from radio station 97 Rock) – (3.5 MB)         


State of Mind (1985-1986) – John Fatta and Jeff Fineberg


            Spider Instrumental – (2 MB)

            Beach scene with Shaun Stevenson – (3 MB)


The Option (1981-1982)


  Barry Hite - drums

  Eric Haggar - guitar

  Gary Hobler – bass

  Jeff Fineberg - keyboards


            Piece utilizing fourths – (7.5 MB)

            Groovitized – (4 MB)

            To FJED (To: Frank, Jeff, Eric and Dean) – (3.1 MB)


Storm - progressive rock cover band (1978 – 1980)


   Steve McDonald – vocals

   John Kaprowicz - vocals

   Pat Brayman - drums

   Dave Borkowski - bass

   Dave Barbalato - guitar

   Jeff Fineberg - keyboards


Recordings and Images



(For additional information or recordings, please contact Jeff)