Database Programming – INFT224

Spring 2009

Week 3 Assignment 


Due Monday, May 27



-          To reinforce your knowledge gained from the reading  and class discussions.

-          To begin our understanding of the database concepts.




Hand in your answers (typed, not handwritten) to the following questions.  Question 8 can be hand drawn.


Questions – 10 point each


  1. What is a database?




  1. Describe what an entity is.




  1. What is a table?




  1. What is a column (or attribute)?




  1. What the purpose of a primary key?




  1. What is SQL?




  1. What is the difference between a desktop DBMS and an Enterprise DBMS?




Problem (20 points)


  1. Describe (sketch out) a database that you have used on a job or as a consumer.  List the entities (at least 3) and attributes (at least 3 per entity) that the database contains.



Short Essay (10 points)


A company wants to use a person’s Social Security Number as a primary key.   Why may this not be a good practice?  What alternatives should be considered?